Membership Benefits

NCUFF, the New College chapter of the United Faculty of Florida, proudly represents you locally, statewide and nationally. In each case our goal is to serve Faculty interests. Within the College we do this through our pursuit of the best Collective Bargaining Agreement, our ability to address grievances, and our other membership services. We do this statewide and beyond by joining with other unions. By coming together in support of each other we can make New College United Faculty of Florida our voice for what matters in Education. Read more below about the strength we find in Union!

1. What is the difference between being in the NCUFF bargaining unit and being a member of NCUFF?

UFF was elected to represent the faculty at New College. The state of Florida is called a “Right-to-Work” state, which means that union membership is not required of employees. All teaching faculty (except for adjuncts) as well as certain non-teaching faculty are members of the bargaining unit and are represented in bargaining by the union. However, only people who pay dues are members of the union. The NCUFF Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) also applies to all members of the bargaining unit (including people who do not pay union dues). For example, the domestic partner benefits bargained by NCUFF apply to the whole bargaining unit.

2. What are additional benefits available to UFF members?

  • NCUFF will represent UFF members in grievance proceedings. Grievances are situations where the CBA has been violated. 
  • UFF is part of the FEA, the NEA, and the AFT. The NEA has a one million dollar employment liability program that covers members if they are sued as a result of their employment. 
  • The NEA also has an attorney referral program which offers discounted rates to union members for personal legal matters (such as divorce, marriage, wills). 
  • The NEA and the AFT have many other member benefits, such as access to various insurance plans and financial services. 
  • NCUFF provides members with a coffee cup and free coffee and tea at the Four Winds. 
  • Active members have their travel paid to participate in state and national union meetings. 
  • New members receive a $200 cash rebate on their first year of dues. 
3. How does one become a member and how much does membership in NCUFF cost?

Membership in UFF is not automatic. You may become a member by downloading the membership form (below) and sending it to Susan Marks in ACE 116 or Caroline Reed in LBR 201. Membership dues are 1% of your salary. This may be paid by payroll deduction or by check. By signing the form, you authorize the payroll deduction.

4. What are the membership dues used for?

Some of the dues are used to pay the dues to the NEA and AFT. These organizations provide support through research of political candidates‘ positions, lobbying, mobilization drives, as well as more direct financial support to UFF for membership support and other programs. Dues are also used to pay the salaries of the state UFF employees (who help the local chapters and who work with lobbyists in Tallahassee) and to pay lawyer fees for grievance proceedings. A small percentage of the dues are sent back to the chapters to pay for expenses (such as travel for officers to training sessions and to UFF meetings so that information can be disseminated to our members), for membership benefits (such as coffee at the Four Winds, child care during NCUFF meetings), and for membership recruitment (such as the new member rebate, the Labor Day picnic, and the May Day party).
NCUFF Webmaster,
Jan 8, 2020, 10:32 AM